Soft White - vwg62005

Category: Matboards

Price 40x60" qt:1-4:  $42.50

Price 40x60" qt:5-9:  $38.00

Price 40x60" qt:10-:  $34.00

Bright white core
All part buffered against acidic degradation
Smooth white bevel that will not turn brown
Extra heavy surface papers allow for a smoother, cleaner cut.

Colours are for reference only. All computer monitors are slightly different.

Quantity discounts apply on purchase of five (5) or more mat boards. These boards do not have to be the same colour.

size: 40x60" quantity: 1-4
Price:     $42.5
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size: 40x60" quantity: 5-9
Price:     $38
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size: 40x60" quantity: 10-
Price:     $34
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