Stretched Canvas with Float Frames


Artist stretched canvas with float frames.

Single purchases available in store.

Shipping stock requires a minimum purchase of two framed canvases of same size. 

Please Note: Minimum order for this product is 2 items. Price shows per item.

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Stretched + FRAMED

Our stretched + framed canvases are available in a range of popular standard sizes. The Stretched + Framed range is a package deal; including premium quality, acid-free canvas with a sustainably sourced, raw oak frame.

  • 31mm deep, 100% cotton canvas
  • 490 GSM, triple-primed and sized.
  • 50mm deep raw solid oak float frame.
  • Float frame suitable to lightly sand, paint or stain
  • Full depth custom quality float moulding

How it works:

Our Stretched + Framed range comes pre-drilled and pre-attached, meaning all you have to do is unscrew, paint, and re-screw!

1. Mark your frame

Before taking apart, please mark one side of the frame with a marker. Make sure you mark both the outer frame and the inner stretcher bar. (This will make it easier to line up and reassemble the frame later.)

2. Disassemble and paint

Remove all of the screws and — It’s time to paint or create your amazing work!

3. Reassemble

Line up the sides with marks, from step 1 so that the holes are aligned and screw your frame back together.

Our Process

All of our Stretched canvases, and Stretched + Framed canvases are made in-house, from sustainable materials, here in Brisbane. Quality is our number one priority, our expert staff ensure every canvas you purchase from us is perfectly squared and blemish-free.

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Preframed blank canvases


1. remove frame

2. Paint

3. Re-attach Frame

4. Ready to hang


How long does it take to complete my order?

Our lead time for completion of your canvases is 2 weeks. We understand your need to receive your framed canvases quickly and will ensure they are completed instore or are on the road to you within 2 weeks.

How can I order?
Simply fill in the order form in the body of this email below. One of our friendly team will contact you to complete your order and payment.
What timber do you use?

Canvas is stretched over 31mm chamfered finger-jointed hoop pine. Canvas float frames are made with ethically sourced Australian oak.

Why are canvases sold in sets of two?
Canvases and Canvases with matching float frames are sold in sets of two to protect them during shipping. Canvases are packed face to face, which protects the canvas surface and frame from knocks or impacts that may otherwise cause damage.
What about shipping?
Shipping cost is calculated at check-out. You will be advised of shipping before we proceed.

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